More Stupid Snow, Money Cheaper, Clinton Won't Go Away
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More Stupid Snow, Money Cheaper, Clinton Won’t Go Away

It snowed again last night, so if you’re going anywhere, it’ll probably take you a long time. However, we’re getting another storm on the weekend so you might as well wait before you start shovelling. Actually, it’ll be spring in a couple of weeks anyway so if you have enough cans of SpaghettiO’s, it’s probably best to just stay home til then.
The Bank of Canada slashed interest rates by fifty basis points yesterday, looking to stave off effects from the imminent recession down south. Your role in all this, Mr. and Ms. Consumer, is to spend money like drunken sailors so that the factories in China can keep buying the output of BC mines and the blasted wastes of Northern Alberta and returning it to us as flatscreen TVs. And as you consider the financial, ecological and karmic debts you’re accumulating for your grandkids, just remember that your spending is the K-Y jelly that keeps the global economy well-lubed.
Census data released yesterday revealed that the median age of the Canadian workforce in 2006 was over 40 for the first time ever. Researchers predict that the work day will soon shift from the standard “9 to 5” to a model that begins at 5:30 in the morning, breaks for a two-hour nap in the early afternoon, and finishes in time for dinner at 4:30.
In the U.S. Presidential race, John McCain secured the Republican nomination, while Clinton stayed in the Democratic race by beating Barack Obama in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island. The Clinton comeback disappointed media strategists who had already begun scripting a campaign where Obama’s character (the charismatic but inexperienced underdog) fights an acrimonious battle against McCain’s character (the irascible old war hero with a heart of gold), with the story culminating in a surprise finale where the two candidates have to work together to escape from a pit of poisonous snakes.
Stéphane Dion, having apparently dragged his cojones out of the mitten drawer, refuses to drop allegations that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives tried to bribe dying MP Chuck Cadman. Harper for his part reiterated his threat to sue if Dion didn’t shut up. So who’s lying? Well, it’s politics, so probably everybody; the fun part is figuring out how much and about what.
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