TTC Troubles, Tibet Troubles, Rob Ford...You Get The Idea
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TTC Troubles, Tibet Troubles, Rob Ford…You Get The Idea

TTC workers may opt for a work-to-rule or slowdown campaign rather than an out-and-out strike—moves which could include actions such as refusing to collect fares, adhering to rules of the road, and not wearing uniforms. Union President Bob Kinnear’s comments indicate that they’d prefer the less drastic action so as not to antagonize the public. Hmmmm, let’s see…empty pier…tearful relatives waving goodbye from the wharf…yep, sorry, Bob, that ship has definitely sailed.
Controversial city councillor Rob Ford vowed to be back on the job today after being arrested on charges of assault, reportedly brought by his wife. It’s not known whether the legal trouble will interfere with plans to cast Ford in the lead role for an upcoming Chris Farley biopic.
A study has found that people in their 40s who have large bellies are more likely to suffer from dementia in later years, with the probability increasing with belly size. So if you’re already middle-aged and fat, there’s a good chance you can look forward to being old, fat, and demented in a few years. Mother Nature, you merry bitch of a prankster.
Buddhist monks yesterday interrupted a Lhasa press tour that had been carefully orchestrated by Chinese authorities, bursting in and shouting that the government was lying about the situation in Tibet. The assembled journalists, who already knew that, applauded politely until they realized it wasn’t a scheduled demonstration of traditional Tibetan yelling, but an unscripted event.
In related news, the Chinese ambassador to Canada responded angrily to some very mild Canadian government criticisms of China, claiming the Dalai Lama was a “liar” and that it was “irresponsible” for Canada to interfere in Chinese internal affairs. He went on to say that Tibet had been part of China for centuries, and Canada should probably shut up before the Chinese government remembered that British Columbia was also traditionally Chinese.
Photo by leontjr.