Televisualist: Eli, Kickin', and Robot Chicken
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Televisualist: Eli, Kickin’, and Robot Chicken

Each week, Torontoist examines the upcoming TV listings and makes note of programs that are entertaining, informative and of quality. Or, alternately, none of those. The result: Televisualist.


P.Diddy (as Sean “Real Name” Combs) stars in a three-hour television adaptation of Lorraine Hansberry’s famous play A Raisin In The Sun. The cast for this adaptation is the same cast that starred in the Broadway revival four years ago, and they won a bunch of Tony Awards and were generally critically acclaimed (even Diddy), so it’s probably worth a looksee if you’re into quality, intelligent entertainment. (Global, 8 p.m.)
If you’re looking for slightly less intelligent entertainment, Jimmy Kimmel has a special technically-prime-time “after the Oscars” special tonight, and… well. Televisualist can take or leave the Kimmel, honestly, but we sure can’t pretend that prime-time Kimmel (or, as it is known in the biz, “Primmel”) isn’t worthy of mention. (City, 8 p.m.)
And if you just want to watch something brain dead? A brand new reality show this week (I know, what are the odds of that happening?): My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad. Man, are they trying to make something actively worse than Farmer Wants A Wife? (City, 8 p.m.)


The Simpsons rerun of the week: “Dumbbell Indemnity,” where Moe and Homer try to create an insurance scam so Moe can get a lot of money and impress Helen Hunt’s voice. (Comedy Network, 9 p.m.)
Top 10 boys perform on American Idol, which we mention just to say that this year’s crop of Idols is, overall, quite possibly the most competently boring group of Idol singers ever. Where is the fat idiot who sings “Copacobana” the first week to get his ass turfed out in record time? Where is the disastrously bad Mormon who can’t sing a lick but stays until the final five thanks to the entire population of Utah voting for them? Where is the dancing shmuck? I was promised a dancing schmuck! (CTV, 8 p.m.)


If you like kicking people in the face, or watching people get kicked in the face, AMC has you covered, with Enter the Dragon followed by The Karate Kid. Wax on, wax off, tune in, drop out. (8 p.m.)
If you like dancing instead, tonight is the final episode of America’s Ballroom Challenge, which features no celebrities, no judges trying to be funny, and no fancy computer-graphics titles or anything like that. (It’s PBS, you see.) Just championship-level ballroom dancing. Doesn’t that sound swell? (8 p.m.)


Eli Stone blows—it tries to combine Ally McBeal-style whimsy with the sort of reckless idealism one might see in an Early Edition or Quantum Leap type of a show, and fails miserably. Jonny Lee Miller is a charisma black hole and none of the jokes work. Why am I writing about this show? Because someone emailed me and asked me to write about it. Be careful what you wish for. (CTV, 10 p.m.)
MuchMusic airs The Last Days of Left Eye, the fairly worshipful documentary about the last month in the life of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC. Sadly, there is no What The Hell Ever Happened To T-Boz and Chilli? follow-up. At least, not yet. (8 p.m.)


Teletoon airs the totally awesome Robot Chicken Star Wars Special, which is hilarious (the bit with Palpatine ordering Subway slays me every time) and so what if it’s actually about a year old; it’s always funny to watch, and did we mention Palpatine ordering Subway? (9:30 p.m.)
“Unlike some Robin Hoods, I can actually speak with an English accent.” Okay, so maybe Robin Hood: Men In Tights is definitely where Mel Brooks really started to lose it; it still has a few decent gags and Cary Elwes, plus a hilarious cameo by Patrick Stewart. (A-Channel, 9 p.m.)