Film Friday: The Other Film Critic
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Film Friday: The Other Film Critic

Hello! Although you probably didn’t notice, this Torontoist writer was away for a week, and as a result we failed to do something very important. Specifically, to congratulate Norm Wilner on becoming NOW’s senior film critic. We’re not doing this just because we know Wilner keeps an eye on Torontoist to see if he gets a mention, but because we like his work so much that we can’t think of anyone better to step into John Harkness’s (non-literal) shoes.
Wilner is most positive this week about The Counterfeiters, but we’re happily obligated to mention our own review (so sorry Norm), by Christopher Bird. Bird said before its premiere at TIFF 2007 that it’s a “completely gripping movie that never flinches, never compromises” in a five star review. It also won an Oscar last week! But considering how they gave an Oscar to Diablo Cody, that is absolutely no guarantee of quality at all. So let’s stick to believing Bird.
Let’s quote Wilner’s review of The Other Boleyn Girl, then! The only film this week to star two actresses that basically no one can remember being good in anything* but still coo over because they’re, like, totally hot, Wilner says, “The Other Boleyn Girl wants to be both a royal power fantasy and a bodice-ripping yarn, and succeeds as neither.” Come on! We’d all have accepted just a bodice ripper, eh lads? Eh? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, etc.
Actually, our favourite quotation in that review has to be: “Seriously, imagine a movie about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn that doesn’t even mention Thomas More.” That quotation is made of pure win.
Oh, well—for everyone who doesn’t know who Thomas More is, there’s always the new Will Ferrell movie Semi-Pro! Eye’s Jason Anderson calls it “lazy and erratic.”
Also on release this week: City of Men, the sequel to the amazing City of God; Penelope; Autism: The Musical and The Royal shows the gorgeously authentic ’70s “sexploitation” tribute Viva, and Canada’s Top Ten film Continental, A Film Without Guns. In festivals, the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival continues.
*Okay, Okay, there’s Leon. But that’s all we can think of.