Federal Budget Drops, TTC Fights Stops, Pam's Third Marriage Flops
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Federal Budget Drops, TTC Fights Stops, Pam’s Third Marriage Flops

Say hello to a “prudent” budget. Stéphane Dion criticized the bill for being ineffectual, but of course not so ineffectual that the Liberals would vote against it and force an election. (Elsewhere, Thomas Walkom points out that the budget includes a new system of income tax shelter that will, and I am sure you are surprised by this, primarily benefit wealthy Canadians.)
Julian Fantino complains about “discount sentences.” Apparently, the idea that experienced criminals know how to exploit the criminal justice system deeply disturbs Fantino, who suggests that we mindwipe them so they cannot do this. When it was pointed out to Fantino that we do not as such have the technology to mindwipe criminals, he explained how this was a further constraint upon police that was totally unreasonable “like that goddamn Miranda rights bullshit.”
TTC considers assigning paramedics to subway stations in order to combat train delays. However, litter bins on the platforms are still totally unreasonable and how dare you even ask about such things.
Barack and Hillary have probably their last debate. The debate was notable for being moderated by Tim Russert, a massive tub of fail whose self-important gotcha questions insulted the intelligence of all present and viewing. Tim Russert would also like you to know that he is just an ordinary blue-collar lad from Buffalo who happens to make millions of dollars every year.
Pamela Anderson wants to annul her third marriage. The marriage to professional sleazebag Rick Salomon apparently isn’t working out. I know, I know, you’re all just shocked that the guy who starred in the Paris Hilton sex tape wasn’t a keeper, but Torontoist is sure that Pam and Ricky still really care about one another––just not in a mommy-and-daddy-love-each-other sort of way.
Photo by Grant Neufeld.