TTC Drivers Stressed, Road Toll Plan Sure To Be Shot Down, Americans Can't Stop Politicking
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TTC Drivers Stressed, Road Toll Plan Sure To Be Shot Down, Americans Can’t Stop Politicking

The Star reports that TTC operators have a rate of post-traumatic stress disorder four times higher than Toronto police officers. The syndrome is often a result of witnessing, or becoming the victim of, physical violence, and is now the second leading cause of missed work days at the TTC. Arming operators a la Mad Max probably isn’t the right solution, but hoping that the assholes who assault drivers will magically disappear may not be realistic. Anyone?
A study by a Trent University professor quite reasonably recommends tolls on pretty much all major highways in the GTA as well a local six cent per litre fuel tax, with the revenue going to subsidize roads and public transit. Strangely, nowhere in the report is the expression “political suicide” ever used. Academics are so cute.
The always confusing U.S. presidential race continues to muddle along, as the Nevada primaries saw Clinton barely beating Obama for the Democrats, while John McCain trounced evolution disbeliever Mike Huckabee among South Carolina Republicans. You know, if they chose the candidate based on whose name is the most fun to play the “Name Game” with, it would totally be Huckabee vs. Obama, but unfortunately that’s not how they do it.
Some more bad financial news, as Asian markets tanked overnight, at least partially in response to disappointment with President Bush’s economic stimulus plan. Come on, Asia, if you’re going to save the world economy when the U.S. goes into the crapper, you’re gonna need to get moving on that pretty soon.
And for Canadians who are betraying their heritage by watching American football instead of hockey, it’ll be the Patriots and the Giants in the Superbowl on February 3. But you already knew that, didn’t you?
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