It Is Windy! It Is Slowing Down Economically! It Is A Bad Day To Be A Maple Leaf!
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It Is Windy! It Is Slowing Down Economically! It Is A Bad Day To Be A Maple Leaf!

Sections of downtown core shut down for fear of falling debris. David Miller responds by initiating the “Less Wind Now” campaign, encouraging Ottawa to build “a giant wall” around Toronto to serve as a windbreak.
Forty year mortages have arrived. Suggested advertising slogan: “Now you can be in your seventies and still not have paid down your house!
Federal poll shows Tories back on top by seven points. Apparently, the secret for the Tories’ popularity is for them to do as little as humanly possible.
It was a bad day to be a glutenous mass of oil deposits suspended in silicate yesterday, as the World Wildlife Fund gave nine out of ten Alberta oilsands producers a failing grade and the National Resources Defense Council sent fifteen airlines a letter asking them to stop using oilsands-derived fuel. Don’t be hatin’ on the oilsands, people! It’s not their fault they are so pollute-y!
The “Big Five” banks say we won’t have a recession this year, but merely an economic slowdown. They continued, “Well, when we say ‘we will have economic slowdown,’ we mean you will have an economic slowdown.” Then they stripped down to bathing suits and jumped into a giant swimming pool filled to the brim with money, and began swimming.
And the Leafs got pounded by the Anaheim Ducks, despite the fact that the Ducks are no longer Mighty.
Photo by Moonwire from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.