Film Friday: There Will Be Hype
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Film Friday: There Will Be Hype

Hello readers! If you were lucky enough to win tickets to the screening of There Will Be Blood last night you will have already made your mind up about the film (well, we hope), but we’re going to subject you to our opinion of it anyway.
Quite good, wasn’t it? Contrary to a lot of things we’ve heard, it did seem to be identifiably a Paul Thomas Anderson film (strong performances, non-traditional story arc, bit overlong/drags in places, interesting score, slightly forced/obvious directing style) but thanks to, yes, an excellent performance from Daniel Day Lewis, it was a good time at the movies. It’s going to be hyped to death in the run up to the Golden Globes/Oscars, so if you have any interest in the story of an “oil man” and didn’t get a chance to see it last night, check it out as soon as possible to limit the damage overly-high expectations bring.
Unsurprisingly for the beginning of January there’s very little else out. There’s Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without Youth, which we could not be less interested in. The Metro’s Norm Wilner claims “it fails on every level worth considering,” and that’s good enough for us to continue ignoring it. You’d be better off going to see The Godfather when it plays at the Fox this Tuesday.
There’s also One Missed Call, which has that icky poster featuring mouths as eyes and is actually based on a Takashii Miike film. Like most remakes of Japanese horror films, you’re probably better off seeing the original. Or, if you really want something featuring baddies with mouths as eyes, you can read The Sandman trade paperback The Doll’s House.
This Wednesday, Doc Soup is presenting For the Bible Tells Me So at the Bloor Cinema. About the conflict between homosexuality and organized religion, Eye’s Adam Nayman notes it “might well turn out to be an important documentary—even if it’s not a great one.”