It Would Be A Damn Sham If You Missed This One
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It Would Be A Damn Sham If You Missed This One

rsz_12008_01_10woodhandsnaked.jpgCalling all local dance floor heroes and heroines! Hearts are ga-gunking to the clocks, which countdown to a night of pure electro-bliss. This Saturday night, Kensington Market’s Teranga (159 Augusta Avenue) will play host to Woodhands, Bocce, Opopo, and Green Go for what will undoubtedly be the sweatiest night of your lives. Too generous? No! With a lineup like Saturday’s, you’ll definitely need to bring a second set of clothes.
Woodhands is fronted by keytar master Dan Werb, who so oh-so-boldly resembles Charlie Brown with sex appeal. Don’t laugh—he’ll steal your heart with his infectious keytar melodies and tell you that you’re a very good dancer before asking, “What is your name?” Yes, you will fall smitten, but be wary of the rhythmic eloquence Paul Banwatt may otherwise distract you with. This parade of electro-confidence (irony?) is headlining festivals and magazines with importance—go decide for yourselves if Woodhands are worthy of the praise (the decision may already be obvious).
Woodhands are not the only attraction on the bill. Bocce hail from Kitchener/Waterloo with similar buoyancy, but far greater physical strength—count the number of keyboards they carry on stage! With a knack for both rhythmic and melodic hooks, Bocce will play soundtrack to your lives for a few weeks after the show. “Again, again, again, again…” was the official anthem of Spring/Summer 2007 for some, while others were too busy Umbrella-ella, ella-ing. You’ll be forgiven if you make it your official Winter song.
Openers Opopo and Green Go will also not disappoint. Playing shows relentlessly in their respective Toronto and Guelph locales, both foster a great balace of sophisticated electric sounds and a youthful delivery of their live performances. Opopo, in fact, shared the stage last spring with The Stooges, who are fronted, of course, by swooner Iggy Pop. If Opopo are good enough for Iggy Pop, they’re good enough for you.
Feel the ga-gunk? Don’t forget that extra set of clothes.
Photo of Woodhands by Aigin Larki