Queen Car Upgrade, Bloc Heart Tories, Choose Artificial Life
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Queen Car Upgrade, Bloc Heart Tories, Choose Artificial Life

The TTC says that they plan to improve service on the 501 Queen streetcar route, which has been the object of much complaint over unpredictable service and frequent delays. The good news story here is that National Geographic recently declared the route one of the top ten streetcar trips in the world, so next time you’re standing out in the freezing sleet desperately scanning the horizon for a glimpse of that red rocket, make sure you smile at a tourist.
An email from a prosecutor in Texas has revealed that the term “Canadian” is used among U.S. racists as a code word referring to African-Americans. Hard to know what to do with that.
The Bloc Québecois have emerged from their underground bunkers near Montreal to announce that they’ll support the upcoming Conservative budget, as long the Tories allocate around $15 billion to various deserving causes around la belle province. Torontoist would like to go on record as saying that we’re also willing to consider supporting the budget in return for a few beers and a ride home.
French bank Société Générale SA yesterday revealed that it has taken losses of over $7 billion due to the malfeasance of a single “rogue trader.” A spokesperson for SocGen said that they would be reconsidering their rogue trader hiring policy.
Scientists at the J. Craig Venter Institute in Maryland may have created artificial life by recreating the genetic structure of a bacterium from bits and pieces of DNA. At present the micro-organism just sits in a petri dish, but it’s hoped that within several weeks it will be the size of a fifty-storey building and excreting radioactive sludge.
Photo by SirCharlie from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.