Villain: Hate
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Villain: Hate

Torontoist is ending the year by naming our Heroes and Villains of 2007––the people, places, and things that we’ve either fallen head over heels in love with or developed uncontrollable rage towards over the past twelve months. Get your dose, starting Boxing Day and running into the new year, three times a day––sunrise, noon, and sunset.
That’s right. We said it. Hate is a villain. Torontonians spend a whole lot of time complaining. It’s only right to point out the things that don’t work in a city, be it failing funding for public transit, or Rob Ford just being a douche. Look no further than our own year-end coverage, of which fifty percent is dedicated purely to shitting on people. Some of those people are finally getting some well-deserved online come-uppance. Others are… a bookstore.
When it comes to things that suck in this city, we stand to gain a lot more by advocating for alternatives. Calling out bogus people, places, and things is all a part of a healthy democracy, but doing so without even attempting to suggest solutions doesn’t really accomplish anything. Is the ROM Crystal mind-blowingly ugly? Probably. Become an architect. Is Doug Holyday the worst city counselor? Yes. Yes he is. So do your best to encourage anyone you know in Etobicoke-Centre to stop their stupid voting for him.
Obviously there’s some truly evil hate in this city, but that incarnation is so beyond villainous that it barely warrants mentioning here. The kind of hate we can really curb in our day-to-day lives only involves taking an extremely small amount of time to be just a little more thoughtful. With all of us adding our own ideas of how to make this city better (hello, commenting on blog posts!), we stand to actually build a great city, not just tear down a mediocre one.
Photo by haydensimons.