The Onion Picks on Toronto's Poor
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The Onion Picks on Toronto’s Poor

1007_12_05JasonJones.jpgMany of you may remember 25-year old Jason Jones, who was on the front page of the Toronto Star last February as a graphic indictment against “the miserable state of dental care for our working poor.” The resulting outcry led to demands that the indigent and working poor have better access to dental care.
Jones’ story had a happy ending: offers poured in from readers to help pay for the dental work he desperately needed, and Dr. Raj Singh offered to fit the sweet-natured husband and father for dentures free of charge. The results were dramatic, revealing the fresh-faced, attractive young man who had previously been obscured.
So, it was a surprise to find Jones’ “before” photo crop up again in the news, this time on the main page of the parody newspaper The Onion. Presented with three other individuals under the headline “30 Miserable Lives Lost in Greyhound Crash”, the photo is followed by the caption, “Four degenerate sacks of shit who perished in the accident.”
The article, which satirizes the media’s disaster coverage (as well as Greyhound riders), appears to have chosen Jones (shown in bottom left) to help illustrate the “deadbeat dads and penniless addicts” who mercifully died in the crash. At one point the article reads, “dental records have helped identify only two-thirds of the casualties, as the remaining 10 passengers were discovered to have none of their original teeth left.”
Ironically, shortly after the Star‘s original article, the newspaper followed up with a video of Jason Jones describing the difficulty he actually had finding a job because of his appearance.
Since Torontoist discovered this photo late Wednesday afternoon, Jones’ image from the Onion story has been replaced with a photo of a grizzled older man.
Thanks to Jonathan Goldsbie for the proactive image grab.