One More Posterchild Post
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One More Posterchild Post

Torontoist has already done a pretty good job of letting you know how rad Posterchild is. In fact, the extent to which Torontoist writes about Posterchild could be seen as the textual equivalent of a marriage proposal. So without rehashing what has already been said about our favourite local street artist/public space crusader, just know that his radness is still on the upswing with new and improved versions of what he’s known best for: Mario Question Blocks. Now “Boppable and Reusable!” It’s like we’ve always dreamed!
Writes Posterchild:

Made out of scrounged plywood and measuring in at 2 feet cubed, this is the largest (any bigger and it wouldn’t of been able to fit through the door) and sturdiest Mario block I’ve built to date. Too bad it only lasted about 48 hours. As you can see, this is also the first block I’ve built that you don’t have to destroy to get at the powerup inside. It’s Boppable and Reusable! In fact, it is also auto-reloading! The falling leaves from the surrounding trees did the job nice and slowly. Slow and steady. Of course, if you were in more of a hurry, you could always reload it manually—as long as you weren’t really short. I don’t know who took it down, but I doubt it was the city. They aren’t known to be that speedy.

12_07_07posterchild.jpgAlso of note is his December 3rd remix of the now popular image of ROM “bomber” Thorarinn Ingi Jonsson.
In response to a recent Citytv interview during which Jonsson fumblingly cites readymades as his inspiration (see also our interview with Jonsson), Posterchild stencilled Jonsson on his knees, with his head replaced by Duchamp’s Fountain, on the side of OCAD. “He is such a perfect stereotype of the sort of arrogant artist that gives the rest of us a bad name,” says Posterchild.
Anyhow, more sweet images of Mario blocks in Kensington, as well as copycats the world over, after the jump! Get it? Jump? Eh? here.
Photos from Posterchild, featuring Ryan North as bopper.