Go No Go, Coworkers Finally Get Lucky, Gas Guzzled
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Go No Go, Coworkers Finally Get Lucky, Gas Guzzled

If you’re a tree hugger who takes the GO bus instead of driving like a regular person, you might want to limber up that hippy hitchhikin’ thumb. GO bus drivers are leaning towards a strike sometime in the next few days, although they’ve agreed to give 48 hours notice before any walkout. A strike wouldn’t stop GO train service, although pickets could slow them down.
A former convenience store operator in Toronto has been charged with stealing a $5.75 million winning Lotto ticket from four school board workers. The accused man will reportedly use the defense that the ticket was handed to him as he stood behind the counter and he assumed it was a gift.
In a related story, Canada’s major lottery commissions are warning that lottery tickets are inappropriate gifts for children because “gambling is for adults” and early exposure could lead to an addiction later in life. No word on whether the commissions will help save the kids by putting the brakes on their incessant advertising campaigns. Hey, you never know.
Surprise gasoline shortages, blamed on the recent snow and poor supply management, hit a number of filling stations around the city yesterday. In response, mohawked motorcycle mutants wrought havoc in the streets of Toronto, seeking the precious substance that sustains life in this post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Photo from diathesis from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.