Have a Happy Life Day
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Have a Happy Life Day

It’s that time of year again: the time when ironic bloggers across the world post links to the Star Wars Holiday Special, quip about how terrible it is, and boast about not being able to watch it all the way through (usually linking to the five-minute-long version of it on YouTube).
However! We here at Torontoist are bucking that trend. Yes, we can sneer at things as well as anyone, but we’re not going to sneer at the Holiday Special, no way. Why? Well, we’ve actually watched it all the way through more than once and there’s more than one good reason why it’s really interesting, not least that the animated segment, which worked as fan-favourite Boba Fett’s introduction in the franchise, was actually produced right here in Toronto by Nelvana. Generally considered the high point of the show, it’s stylistically an obvious precursor to Nelvana’s animated feature Rock and Rule, and popular enough that action figures based on Boba Fett’s Holiday Special likeness have been produced.
You can watch just the animated segment online at YouTube (and if some of Boba Fett’s dialogue rings a bell, that may be because it was featured on Unkle’s 1998 album Psyence Fiction), but we recommend that you head to your favourite torrent site and try and find the highest quality version of the whole show you can, as you won’t be able to appreciate Nelvana’s animation unless you do. Plus, you get the chance to see: i) Carrie Fisher out of her mind on diet pills, singing lyrics over the Star Wars theme (not quite as good as Bill Murray’s take, but excellent anyway); ii) Bea Arthur, fresh from her success on Maude, apparently in charge of the Cantina on Tantooine; iii) It being implied that a Chewbacca’s grandpa is having a wank while watching Diahann Carroll dance about; iv) Jefferson Starship, and; v) A super pissed-off Harrison Ford.
That’s nothing to be sneered at! That’s brilliant! And what’s even better for all you Star Wars nerds, it’s all canon! So we urge you, check it out––if not for the experience itself, for a little bit of (surprising) Toronto-related history.