Film Friday: Big Willie Style
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Film Friday: Big Willie Style

Feeling “Christmassy” yet? We aren’t either (we’ve just assumed you weren’t, apologies if you are, or something), and there isn’t that much on at the cinema yet to start ramping up the festive joy. It’s a Wonderful Life is showing at the Fox starting tomorrow and Bad Santa is going to be on at the Revue this Wednesday. To be completely honest, if you’re going to check out anything at those cinemas, we recommend you go and see King of Kong (which we talked up last week) when it’s on. The Fox is showing This is England, too. Not Christmassy at all, but fantastic.
We suppose there’s always Enchanted, which should still be hanging around in most of the multiplexes. It’s got an animated chipmunk in it, which allows us to segue right into this week’s sorry lot of films by talking about Alvin and the Chipmunks, which stars Jason Lee and David Cross.
Just last night we were sitting around thinking about how hard it must be to be David Cross in a film like that. After all, as a genuinely funny person, isn’t it basically impossible to bite your tongue and recite the dire, rubbishy lines you’re told to do? We mean, this guy, who we will admire forever for being in Mr. Show, has kind of made a career out of it. Seriously. He was in Scary Movie 2, for just one example.
But then we realized that if someone offered us thousands and thousands of dollars to act in terrible movies, we’d probably do it. We could fund our real career with it. So fair enough.
And, uh, that’s all we want to say about Alvin and the Chipmunks.
Similarly, we don’t really want to talk about Juno either. We feel like we’ve said all we need to already, and movies that get their own week on Entertainment Tonight don’t really need more coverage. Just… don’t buy the hype, folks.
We were kind of pumped for I Am Legend, but then Eye’s Adam Nayman informed us that it “omits the novel’s key twist.” So, uh, it’s completely pointless then. The only save we can imagine is if it ends with a “Big Willie Style” rap at the end. It probably doesn’t, though.
Also out this week: Mama’s Boy and The Kite Runner. And that’s basically it!