Samurai Night Fever, City Won't Sell To McD's, Chimps Smarter Than You
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Samurai Night Fever, City Won’t Sell To McD’s, Chimps Smarter Than You

2007_12_04_samurai.jpgA Milton woman went on a rampage with a samurai sword on Sunday, injuring her boyfriend and an off-duty firefighter, smashing windows at a gas station and hacking at a parked car. While Torontoist doesn’t condone senseless irrational violence, you’ve got to give her points for style.
After a firestorm of criticism, the City has put the brakes on their controversial plan to sell land in Yorkville to McDonalds. The problem is that since there’s sixty years left on the lease, they can’t actually sell it to anyone else either, so you’ll still probably be taking your grandkids for a Big Mac at Bloor and Avenue Road.
The Bali United Nations Climate Change Conference, which is not an excuse for a bunch of bureaucrats to spend a week at a beach resort, opened yesterday. U.S. delegates said they were committed to coming to an agreement, as long as it wasn’t the kind of agreement where you have to actually do something. The delegation then handed their luggage to a bellboy and went surfing.
A report released yesterday by American intelligence agencies concludes that Iran quit trying to build nuclear weapons back in 2003, flying in the face of President Bush’s contention that Iran is trying to become a nuclear power. The administration claimed success, saying that “U.S.-led pressure on Tehran had pushed Iran to stop its pursuit of nuclear weapons.” Apparently, sabre-rattling in 2007 has caused the Iranians to go back in time and give up their nuclear program four years earlier. You can’t make this stuff up, people.
A study out of Japan indicates that chimpanzees beat humans in certain types of short-term memory tests, proving that we’re not always at the top of the brain chain. Sure, it seems trivial, unless you’re familiar with a little film called Planet of the Apes.
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