Film Friday: Attack Ships on Fire off the Shores of Grimsby
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Film Friday: Attack Ships on Fire off the Shores of Grimsby

Oh man! What a pickle. This week we have the release of one of our favourite films in ages, This is England, and one of our favourite films of all time, Blade Runner, in its super-special, Ridley Scott-approved final cut.
So, what do we lead with? It’s an impossible situation! If Torontoist was some kind of a 1960s robot, we’d be wobbling back and forth, smoke spouting out of our metal brain holes, yelling, “DOES…NOT…COMPUTE…”
Of course, we’re not a robot. Or a replicant! Ah ha, decision made for us by our clever segue. So, yes. Blade Runner: The Final Cut. It’s showing in an exclusive engagement at the Regent (which is at 551 Mount Pleasant Road, if you didn’t know) in all of its shiny digital cleaned-up glory. Basically, Blade Runner is one of the best films ever made. We don’t really need to say much more. If you haven’t seen it, see it—if you have, see it again.
2007_11_09_this.jpgWe also give the highest recommendation to This is England. When we saw it at TIFF in 2005, we said, “There is so much to this film that is genuinely brilliant—from the euphoric first stages of Shaun’s new friendship; the perfect recreation of early 1980’s Great Britain; the astounding soundtrack, and the often warm and humorous, utterly alive way in which the story is told.”
We don’t really need to say much more on this one either. See it! It’s playing at Canada Square (2200 Yonge Street).
The other films this week are probably, you know, slightly less urgent, but there’s still a lot of very good stuff out there. There’s the Coen brothers’ return to form, No Country for Old Men (at TIFF 2006, Danu Mandlsohn called it “vintage Coens, with equal doses of black comedy and grim violence”); the Jimmy Carter documentary Man from the Plains (we were sad to miss it at this year’s TIFF); and Darfur Now.
Filling out this week’s releases are P2, filmed here in Toronto under Village on the Grange (but considering all you really see is a car park, don’t rush out to see Toronto on the big screen or anything), Lions for Lambs, Music Within, Saawariya, and Fred Claus.
This week’s festivals include the continuing Toronto Japanese Short Film Festival (previewed here), the Reel Asian Film Festival, starting Wednesday (to be previewed soon), the Regent Park Film Festival, and the Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival.
And finally! Though there’s lots of good stuff out there this week, we can’t forget to mention Cinematheque Ontario. Not least because we’re giving away two tickets for Max Ophuls’ La Signora Di Tutti on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m, which Peter Wollen (who co-wrote Antonioni’s The Passenger) called “the greatest film in the history of cinema.” For your chance to win one of two pairs of tickets to the screening, simply e-mail [email protected] with your name before midnight tonight. Winners will be notified by Monday morning!