This Kid Can Buy A Car In Ontario. Legally.
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This Kid Can Buy A Car In Ontario. Legally.

rsz_1babycar.jpgRemember when you were like fifteen and it was a TOTAL BUMMER that you couldn’t buy alcohol, because, you know, you weren’t of age yet? And now that you’ve been legal for what seems like an eternity, and you’re older and wiser, with many formative life experiences behind you, you realize that not being able to buy booze at the age of fifteen was probably a good thing, and likely prevented more than a few unsavory situations?
So, wouldn’t you think that the same principle would apply to driving? People that aren’t old enough to drive shouldn’t be able to buy cars, for fear of, oh I don’t know, fatal car accidents?
Not so, friends. There is no minimum age for buying a car in Ontario. Which is why a 14-year-old kid from Ajax was able to buy a ’91 Mazda last Friday and go for a ride with his two friends, subsequently crashing the car and killing both his buddies, and is now facing two charges of criminal negligence causing death. Since the accident, Premier Dalton McGuinty has pledged to “take a look at what, if anything, we need to do, flowing from this tragedy.”
“What, if anything.” Hm, let’s see… Conservative MPP Bob Runciman says maybe we should not let kids under the legal driving age purchase cars. Yeah, we think that sounds like a pretty good idea.
Photo by brocha from Flickr.