Canada Post: Hypocrites, Or Just Party Poopers?
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Canada Post: Hypocrites, Or Just Party Poopers?

rsz_canadapost.jpgDid you know that Canada has a Sex Party? No, not a Sexy Party, Stewie-styles, but like an actual political party, for real. Yeah, neither did we. They’re all about the need to “realize a sex-positive culture” and stuff like that. They’re not exactly a political juggernaut, but they do their thing, and that’s cool.
But now the Sex Party’s in a bit of a mess with Canada Post, which deemed their pamphlets “sexually explicit” and refused to deliver them. The images in question include “the nude back of a person copulating with someone whose legs and hands are visible, a photo of a sculpture of a penis and a drawing of two stick people engaged in oral sex.” According to the postal service, they were worried about kids finding this “graphic” material in the household mail.
The Sex Party’s position (hee, hee!) on the issue is basically this: when people recently protested the delivery of a homophobic flyer, Canada Post President Moya Greene said that the postal service can’t censor mail, though she agreed that the flyer was “vile.” So what’s the dealio, yo? Isn’t homophobic literature potentially more harmful to children than pictures of people having sex?
Photo by hundrednorth from Flickr.