Province Taking Over TTC, If You Don't Like High Prices Go Shopping, And... the Thrashers? Oh, really?
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Province Taking Over TTC, If You Don’t Like High Prices Go Shopping, And… the Thrashers? Oh, really?

pizzasubway.jpgWill the province take over the TTC? Apparently such rumours are all the buzz in political backrooms. Which are kind of like political bathrooms, except that the backrooms have no toilets or sinks or indeed any serious practical use, which is why they feature so prominently in government. Torontoist’s suggestion, from its own backroom: let Pizza Pizza take over the TTC. Then we would at least get Rip-Off Charity Pizza Days more often.
Jim Flaherty’s plan to help Canadians deal with excessive price disadvantages due to the dramatic rise of the loonie: shop around! That’s right, folks: the federal government’s plan to beat prices down to manageable levels is, and I’m sure you’re shocked here, to let the invisible hand of the market do all the work for them.
More taxes could be on the way for Toronto. Again, this story, with no actual grounding in policy or official statement, comes hot from the political backrooms of Toronto. Does your home have a backroom? Talk to your neighborhood contractor about installing a backroom today!
Today’s global warming news that is horrible: we’re on track for mass extinctions in 100 years if seas continue to warm. In response to this study, the Federal Tories again pointed to the invisible hand of the market, which will do all the work for us. (The invisible hand of the market has been doing crunches with an invisible hand-cruncher machine.)
And finally, the Atlanta Thrashers beat the Leafs last night. Again: the Atlanta Thrashers.
Photo by Alfred Ng from the Torontoist Flickr pool.