No Tax On Demon Rum, Loonie Gets More Expensive, And Toronto Gets More Bigger-er
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No Tax On Demon Rum, Loonie Gets More Expensive, And Toronto Gets More Bigger-er

City officials to David Miller: don’t tax booze. They reasonably pointed out that consumption taxes don’t work when people can just drive thirty minutes to evade said taxes. In response, Miller pouted and ran up to his room, refusing to come out for dinner.
Loonie opens trading today at a buck and four cents U.S. The reason for the most recent dramatic rise is, apparently, a combination of the groaning American economy and rising oil prices. So Torontoist figures that the loonie will drop down as soon as the American economy improves and when oil prices drop…oh.
Increased royalties for oil and gas companies operating in Alberta. Oil and gas companies immediately hinted that they’d go look somewhere else in Canada for oil and gas, but nobody was buying that.
Downtown Toronto is growing at a crazy-ass rate. The population of the downtown core has risen by 65 percent in the past 30 years, and nearly ten percent in the last five. There is no joke for this news item, except that the Star felt that they had to explain that the generic file photo of Toronto’s skyline that they used for the piece was in fact a generic file photo of Toronto’s skyline.
And the Red Sox are up two games to nothing in the World Series after beating the Rockies last night 2–1.
Photo by ariehsinger from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.