Dalton Loves You, Uncle Sam Doesn't Trust You, Your Phone Is Lying To You
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Dalton Loves You, Uncle Sam Doesn’t Trust You, Your Phone Is Lying To You

To no one’s surprise, yesterday’s Ontario election (read our liveblog of the results here) was a big victory for the status quo, with voters giving the Liberals another majority and soundly rejecting Mixed Member Proportional voting. Dalton McGuinty was pleased, having given his acceptance speech the day before the election, while John Tory, having lost bids to become mayor of Toronto and Premier of Ontario, needs only an unsuccessful run at the PM-ship to complete the trifecta of Canadian political failure.
The American government is demanding that Canadian airlines release personal information about passengers on planes flying over the U.S., even if they don’t take off or land there. The data will allow U.S. law enforcement to be on the alert for radicals and terrorists parachuting surreptitiously from passenger planes while in American airspace. In other news, about half a million undocumented people walked across the American border from Mexico last year.
People who habitually carry vibrating cell phones and BlackBerries are frequently subject to false alarms, thinking they’re receiving calls when they aren’t. The source of the imaginary vibrations isn’t clear, although desperate loneliness is a strong possibility.
42% of Canadian surveyed think that we should eliminate the one cent coin as a form of currency. Government officials expressed concern over the idea, pointing out that if we can no longer pick up pennies in the street, we’ll have to get all our good luck from horseshoes, rabbit’s feet and leprechauns.
Photo by ariehsinger from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.