Won't You Take Me Down Ben Kerr Lane, Hampton Promises Minimum Wage Hike, And Zoned Fares? That's Brilliant!
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Won’t You Take Me Down Ben Kerr Lane, Hampton Promises Minimum Wage Hike, And Zoned Fares? That’s Brilliant!

kerrnew.jpgCity to designate laneway “Ben Kerr Lane.” It is predicted that the laneway will become the center of Toronto’s booming hot sauce scene.
Howard Hampton promises to roll back MPP pay hikes and to raise the minimum wage to $10/hour. Good thing Hampton hasn’t actually published an economic plan yet. I mean, there’s only less than a month until the next election, wouldn’t want to tip your hand too early…
Economics researcher links higher gas prices to lower obesity rates. He’s in his final year of PhD studies in economics, and his brainstorm is that expensive gas means less driving. His parents might want to request a refund on his tuition if that’s the best he can do.
The LCBO’s new bottle return policy creates “blue box scavengers.” Which is technically illegal, but Torontoist doubts that anybody’s going to get arrested any time soon. (Unless they are gay blue box scavengers and Julian Fantino comes back as police chief.)
TTC considers zoned fares. Because what we really need for the TTC is a new fare system that further discourages greater use, especially for commuters who would be on it for longer periods of time instead of in their cars! Man, it looks like the TTC really needs to read that economics researcher’s paper.
And finally, the Blue Jays beat the Yankees. Although soon they might have to do such things without Troy Glaus. (Somebody should tell Glaus to just hit, like, 60+ home runs per season. Then nobody will care if he’s juiced up.)
Photo via avoidinglife.com.