Politicians Prattle, Scarborough Smoulders, Loony Levitates
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Politicians Prattle, Scarborough Smoulders, Loony Levitates

Last night’s Ontario leaders’ debate was replete with the kind of wit, sophistication, and rhetorical flourish we’ve come to expect from our candidates. Tory to McGuinty: You’re a big fat liar. McGuinty: Am not. Hampton: Are too. Big fat liar. McGuinty: You guys are the liars. Green Party Leader Frank DeJong wasn’t invited to the big kids party, even though he got a haircut and everything.
A five-alarm fire at a wrecking yard in Toronto’s east end caused commuter chaos yesterday, disrupting traffic for miles and halting service on a number of GO Train routes. The jury is still out on the toxicity of the plumes of black smoke that blanketed Scarborough, although intuitively it seems like a fire composed of burning metal, plastic, rubber and various industrial solvents isn’t the kind of thing you’d want to toast marshmallows over.
The Canadian dollar dominated the puny U.S. greenback yesterday and looks poised to stay on par or above for a while. That’s good news for Canadian consumers, because companies that import goods from the U.S. will pay less for them and pass the savings along to you. Ha, just kidding about the “passing along” part .
Canadian Business magazine has declared Oshawa the best place in Ontario to do business. Suck on that, General Motors.
Photo by sniderscion from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.