J. K. Rowling Is Coming, Liberals Take A Pounding, Frank Thomas Delivers A Pounding
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J. K. Rowling Is Coming, Liberals Take A Pounding, Frank Thomas Delivers A Pounding

invisending.jpgJ. K. Rowling to come to Toronto on her reading tour. It’s her only Canadian stop, so expect an audience that is 30 percent younger readers and 70 percent aging, obsessive fanboys and fangirls, most desperately wanting an explanation as to why Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were not revealed to be secret gay lovers.
By-elections happen, Liberals get trounced big-time. The NDP won Outremont—their second seat ever in Quebec, and the first time the Grits have lost the riding since 1935. The Tories also picked up a seat from the Bloc in Roberval-Lac-St-Jean, the first loss for the Bloc there in nearly twenty years, and there the Liberals only had single-digit support. It is a bad time to be a Liberal in Quebec. I hear there are roving gangs looking for people wearing red!
Hillary Clinton unveils her health care plan for America. The Clinton plan forces all Americans to have health insurance, and introduces a public insurance component by giving all citizens access to the health insurance plan available to federal employees. Critics of the plan point out that the Clinton healthcare plan essentially amounts to a federal subsidy for health insurance companies and that her promise to not address healthcare until her second term makes her plan kind of worthless. Supporters shrug and say, “eh, what’re ya gonna do.”
Tories promise to not restore funding for eye exams and physiotherapy. They then made sure to reiterate that unlike the Liberals, they won’t break any of their promises.
And Frank Thomas hit three homers in a big win for the Jays over the Red Sox last night.
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