Film Friday: Warriors! Ride Out To Play!
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Film Friday: Warriors! Ride Out To Play!

We’ve mentioned the Bicycle Film Festival a few times before, but we’re going to give special mention to it again today because tonight at 7 p.m. is the screening of the festival’s first shorts programme, featuring Warriors: The Bike Race.
The Warriors is basically one of the most excellent films ever, and in August of 2002, 89 gangs of bicycle riders took an all-night race from the Bronx to Coney Island in a sort of crazy tribute to the film. No one important ever rides a bike in the original film (er, to our memory), but still, it sounds great. They should do it every year. We’d love to take part, but as they don’t do it every year, we can’t. If you wish you could take part too, make do by checking out the festival at the Royal Cinema.
Also opening this week with war in the title: War, starring Jet Li and Jason Statham (pictured above). Have you seen Crank, by the way? It’s absolutely immense. You should check it out if you haven’t. Statham is actually a very credible action star—not that War shows that. Eye’s Jason Anderson says, “Scenes of gaunt men having very serious conversations far outnumber the action sequences.
Man! We hate that. We don’t go to see films starring Jet Li to watch people stand around and talk. They’re supposed to be punching each other in the head. A lot. They can talk while they do that, but they have to keep the punching going.
Similarly worthy of a punch in the head, many readers would assume, would be Mr. Bean. He makes an appearance again this week with the belated release of Mr. Bean’s Holiday, which is kinda-sorta based on Mr. Hulot’s Holiday. We’ve actually got a bit of a soft spot for Mr. Bean. There was something anachronistic about his comedy even in the early ‘90s, and it was a shame to see how badly they tried to “Americanize” him for the original Bean film. Mr. Bean’s Holiday seems to be more true to the original—and that’s fair enough, we suppose, even if it’s not ground-breaking or particularly notable.
Also on release this week: Lady Chatterley, The Nanny Diaries, and The 11th Hour. In The 11th Hour, Leonardo DiCaprio reminds us that we’re messing the world up, which is depressing. In The Nanny Diaries, Scarlett Johansson shows her pants, which is uplifting. Hooray for cinema!