Bridges In Trouble, Hamilton Pro Hockey In Trouble, And Beckham Is Coming (And In A Bit Of Trouble)
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Bridges In Trouble, Hamilton Pro Hockey In Trouble, And Beckham Is Coming (And In A Bit Of Trouble)

badbridge.jpgCivil engineers say that Ontario bridges are at risk. Short, short version: we’re not in as bad shape as the Americans on this front, but we need more strenuous testing of existing bridges since most of ours were built in the 1960s and have expected design lives of about fifty years, so we’re entering the beginnings of a replacement cycle.
Ontario to distribute HPV vaccines to girls in grade 8 beginning this fall. Small-c conservative “family” political groups faint with a case of the vapours.
The Nashville Predators are probably staying in Nashville. This despite the fact that Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie offered over US$25 million more than the Nashville group trying to keep the team in Nashville. Apparently it is really, really important to make sure that Tennessee has access to professional hockey. The ancient ties between country music and professional hockey must be preserved!
Will Stephen Harper shuffle up his cabinet? More importantly, will he get a better haircut? Because that man needs a proper haircut rather than the thing he has now.
Loblaws reduces power use in its stores. Measures such as this, whereby the province pays companies to consume less energy during crisis moments, mean that Ontario is actually using much less energy than last year around this time. In unrelated news, Loblaws is recalling green beans that give you botulism. (Or is it unrelated? This could validate many theories.)
And finally, David Beckham is coming to Toronto after all! Sure, he’s probably not playing, but the excitement of having him sit on the bench is unparalleled!
Photo by Simon Chambers from the Torontoist Flickr pool.