Pop Not Good For You, John Tory Pushes Religious Education, and Evon Reid Goes From Ghetto To Pimptastic
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Pop Not Good For You, John Tory Pushes Religious Education, and Evon Reid Goes From Ghetto To Pimptastic

ironbeer.jpgDon’t drink more than one pop a day, or you’re at greater health risk! Serious pop drinkers have a 45 percent greater chance of developing metabolic syndrome; a bunch of health factors that increases your chance of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. (It doesn’t even matter if it’s diet!) The health experts then looked at you pointedly and said “well, maybe you should be drinking juice or green tea or something healthy. Yes, you.
The “Big Three” American auto companies and the United Auto workers begin talks this week. Presumably, somewhere on the table there will be a discussion of just who’s responsible for American cars sucking more than Japanese and European cars.
A group of contractors and construction unions release a report calling for a bigger role for contractors and construction unions in providing water and sewer services in the GTA. Thankfully, the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance admitted there was “some self interest” in releasing the report, thus earning the first “No Really” award of the week.
John Tory pledges that a Conservative government would push to provide public funding for private religious schools. Given that the plan is an extension of how Ontario already treats Catholic schools in Ontario, it’s not a very radical plan. However, this illustrates a growing problem: that John Tory’s name makes using the popular Conservative nickname of “Tories” awkward to use. Torontoist plans to issue a petition to get John Tory to change his last name to “Smuckerson” or “Wangdoodle.”
“Ghetto dude” swarmed with job offers. Yes, Evon Reid is now the most popular kid in school, thanks to the combination of people wanting to give him a break and the people wanting to exploit his story for political or personal gain.
And the Jays beat the Twins 6–4.
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