Film Friday: "Nobody Ever Says Italy."
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Film Friday: “Nobody Ever Says Italy.”

2007_07_27_helovesgermanbee.jpgThis week Torontoist decided to work out for itself exactly when The Simpsons was good. Because it’s just been so long, so depressingly long, since we’ve seen a episode that didn’t make us want to open a vein. Seriously. Using the powers of science (well, Wikipedia) we’ve decided it was good between seasons three and ten, peaking in (roughly) season seven.
So there, done and dusted. Turns out we’re actually quite forgiving here compared to Now’s John Harkness, who in his review of The Simpsons Movie says “If you’re hoping for 80 minutes of prime Simpsons, something to rival the best moments of seasons 3 through 5, you’ll be disappointed.
Dude, the Hank Scorpio episode wasn’t until season eight! How can you possibly say that?
Well, having said that, we’re sure we’ll agree with him in spirit. Even if we are running a lovely competition to do with the movie, we don’t hold out much hope that it’ll be very good. Eye’s Jason Anderson has given it a largely positive review, sayingmore than a few gags rank with the show’s greatest moments.
(We don’t believe you, Jason.)
Also on release this week: No Reservations, a restaurant romantic comedy which recently made Torontoist headlines, but in which absolutely no one is as adorable as Remy from Ratatouille, so there’s no point. Even if you’ve been hypnotized by eating in Ginger. We’ll have something interesting to say about Talk To Me shortly. There’s also Mon Meilleur Ami and Lindsay Lohan’s latest desperate attempt to stay relevant, I Know Who Killed Me. By the looks of it, it’s just another vehicle in which she was drunk at the wheel.
Jean Luc Godard’s rumination on frustrating women (well, um, one of his ruminations on frustrating women) Pierrot Le Fou plays Cinematheque Ontario this week, too.
In Festivals this week there’s the Masala! Mehndi! Masti! South Asian Arts festival, which includes an “MMMovies!” programme, showing Saket Chaudhary’s Pyaar Ke Side Effects tonight at 8 p.m. It unfortunately competes with The Fight and Fright Festival, showing the insane excellence of Iron Monkey at the Bloor at 7 p.m.