Amputating Limbs At Wakestock
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Amputating Limbs At Wakestock

Billed as Canada’s largest action sports and music festival, Wakestock is the type of event that courts stereotypes, despite the obvious talent of its athletes. It brings to mind Oakley-wearing Mystic Tan addicts drunkenly drooling over bikini-clad booth babes and to whom marketing companies like to throw obsolete lingo like “x-treme” and “epic” at. It’s noisy, irreverent, polluting, and expensive.
But what wasn’t so charming as Wakestock wrapped-up last week was an apparent act of vandalism during the freestyle motocross event. As reported by the Toronto Star, the dirt bike course seems to have been built without properly considering the vertical, which meant that riders were periodically hitting some of the branches of Toronto Islands’ grand, aged trees.
Now, low-hanging branches seem to be a rather appropriate added element to an, er, “extreme” sport, but not this time. Some brainiac official thought it would be a good idea to send someone up a scissor lift with a chainsaw to chop-out the offending limbs. On City property. In a public park.
Torontoist’s Carrie Musgrave confirms the alarming incident, stating that the crowd watching the De La Soul set were apalled to see “the very large tree branches coming down.” Indeed, so was one of the De La MCs, who angrily pleaded, “Do not cut down any more fucking trees!”
So, chalk up another stereotype for Wakestock to administer. We’re hoping organizers get charged appropriately (and significantly) by the City for the vandalism, and that there will be some serious reservations over granting Wakestock another contract next summer.
Photo by j_p_ from the Torontoist Flickr pool.