North By Northeast: Friday Preview
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North By Northeast: Friday Preview

2007_06_06handsomefurs.jpgIt’s NXNE Eve! One last chance to get a decent sleep before you find yourself staggering home at 4 a.m. for three nights in a row. Before we get to our picks, there are a couple of special Friday happenings that we feel the need to tell you about. First off is the East MEATS West BBQ happening at Global Village Backpackers (460 King St. W.) from 1–7 p.m. Presented by Kelp Records, Saved By Vinyl and Exclaim!, it features free beer, free BBQ and eleven bands, including The Parkas, Ox and Jim Bryson, playing for free! It will get busy, so show up early.
The other tidbit we have to give to you is that Dave Foley will be performing his new show The Tribute on Friday and Saturday night at the Rivoli (334 Queen St. W.). Both performances happen at 6:30 p.m. It’s free if you have a wristband or a badge, or $20 if you have neither. Once again, you’ll probably want to arrive early for this as well.
Wristbands, on sale at various locations throughout the city, are $28 and will get you into the shows. Most shows have a limited number of tickets on sale at the door, with varying prices, but not all.
Check back Thursday for our final NXNE preview.
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Recommendations for Friday, June 8

*Schedule may change without notice. For up-to-date info, check out out the NXNE schedule.

Five Hot Bitches

Thank god Five Hot Bitches are only a three-piece, or else they’d really do some damage. With the hard drum and bass assault of bands like Death From Above 1979 and Kids On TV, not to mention sexually explicit songs that rival the latter band, expectations are running high for FHB. Their punk songs are loud and rough, but also catchy and fun (how can a song called “Adiction To Friction” not be fun?), a formula that should win over many people.&#8211MIKE WARNER
1 a.m. @ the Cameron House (408 Queen St. W.) w/ Ruth Minnikin and her Bandwagon, Lily Frost, Carmen Townsend and the Shakey Deals, Dance Yourself To Death.

God Made Me Funky

The name says it all. God Made Me Funky is an ensemble of Toronto jazz/R & B/funk musicians that just love to make you dance. It’s not your daddy’s funk, this is nu-funk at its finest.&#8211AMANDA BUCKIEWICZ
1 a.m. @ Revival (783 College) w/ Empire ISIS, UltraMagnus, Dee, KC Roberts.

The Handsome Furs

Last winter, Dan Boeckner from Wolf Parade got together with Alexei Perry to form the Handsome Furs (pictured above). The duo wanted to make dark music that involved only haunting vocals, a guitar, and a drum machine, and in turn created a sound that has captivated audiences all over the world before they even put out an album.&#8211AMANDA BUCKIEWICZ
12 a.m. @ the Comfort Zone (480 Spadina) w/ Blind Boy Lucas MacAlpine-Railway, Hot Springs, The Nymphets, Woodhands.

The Jamestown Union

The notion of an alt-country band from Brighton may seem odd and invoke memories of
The Commitments, but we can assure you that The Jamestown Union is no joke. If we hadn’t told you that they were British (and if you didn’t know that their debut was called Americana UK) we feel confident in saying that you wouldn’t be able to tell that their roots were from Southern England and not the Southern US. Their songs are smooth and have a wonderful texture created by lots of pedal steel guitar, mandolin and fiddle.&#8211MIKE WARNER
11 p.m. @ the Cadillac Lounge (1296 Queen St. W.) w/ Shelby Lamb, Jan Bell, NQ Arbuckle, Amy Speace.

Scott MacLeod

Sit around, children, and get ready for a story. Scott MacLeod’s unique story telling music involves tales of whiskey drinkin’ and sea farin’ incorporated with tunes that sound like Bruce Springsteen and John Fogerty. Don’t forget the popcorn.&#8211AMANDA BUCKIEWICZ
12 a.m. @ the Dakota Tavern (249 Ossington) w/ Matt Masters, Brothers Chaffey, The Defibulators, and Megan Hamilton and The Volunteer Canola.

Spiral Beach

2006_06_06spiralbeach.jpgIf you’re looking to have a raucous Friday night filled with lots of dancing to synth-art-pop, look no further than Toronto’s own Spiral Beach. Their music is fast and energetic, possibly a byproduct of their age (they’re quite young), but also contains an incredible maturity that separates them from the glut of synth-wielding bands currently dominating a large portion of the indie landscape. Bring your dancing shoes and be sure to stick around after for Republic Of Safety, who are equally impressive and fun.&#8211MIKE WARNER
11 p.m. @ the Reverb (651 Queen St. W.) w/ Jonathon Coulton, Hollerado, Jesse Malin, Republic Of Safety.

Sunparlour Players

If the Sunparlour Players play folk music, it’s like no other folk music we’ve ever heard before. SPP are Andrew Penner and Mark Schachowskoy, a two-man band who switch instruments more often than your average four-piece, often playing more than one at a time. Their music is often a folk-blues hybrid played at warp speed, both men shouting out lyrics and playing as hard as they can. They play an overwhelming show that will make you exhausted just from watching them.&#8211MIKE WARNER
9 p.m. @ Lee’s Palace (529 Bloor St. W.) w/ Jim Lauderdale, Rock Plaza Central, The Sadies, John Doe.

Priya Thomas

When Priya Thomas was twelve, she let her parents know she was sick of her classical violin by carving into it with a dinner knife. Since then, this Montrealer has been creating music that is multi-faceted and intelligent. Her visceral hard rock sound is even better live, and she’s earned a reputation as a vicious, energetic, take-no-prisoners performer.&#8211AMANDA BUCKIEWICZ
11 p.m. @ the Bovine Sex Club (542 Queen St. W.) w/ Black Horse, Prototype-A, Modernboys Moderngirls, Tin Bangs.

Vulcan Dub Squad

Picture Weezer circa Buddy Holly and imagine if they sounded like the Flaming Lips mixed with The Cure, and then you’d have a rough idea of what to expect at a Vulcan Dub Squad show. This underrated band from Brampton gives a show that’s both intelligent and fun, an all too rare combination nowadays.&#8211AMANDA BUCKIEWICZ
11 p.m. @ Holy Joe’s (651 Queen St. W.) w/ Said The Whale, ok city ok, The Hemingway Solution, Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys.

The Winks

This bill flat-out impresses us. Book ended by a fantastic pair of Toronto bands, Foxfire Forest and Love Kills, the real highlight will be Montreal’s The Winks, a catchy pop band based on the notion that you don’t need a guitar to be a rock band. With a mandolin, cello, keys and drums, The Winks use their eclectic instrumentation to form surprisingly conventional songs. Guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.&#8211MIKE WARNER
10 p.m. @ Clinton’s (693 Bloor St. W.) w/ Foxfire Forest, Tim’s Myth, clara lofaro, Love Kills.
Handsome Furs photo by Carrie Musgrave. Spiral Beach photo from their MySpace.