New Brit PM, No Hamilton Hockey Team, and You Just Keep Waiting For Your iPhone
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New Brit PM, No Hamilton Hockey Team, and You Just Keep Waiting For Your iPhone

ianmcbrown.jpgTony Blair resigns as British Prime Minister, and Gordon Brown takes over. For those not familiar with British politics, an analogy: remember when Jean Chretien stepped down and Paul Martin took over as Prime Minister, and everybody agreed that although it was clearly time to go, wow, was Paul Martin boring or what? It’s like that, except pretend that Paul Martin was even more boring.
Looks like the Hamilton Predators will not be in Ontario’s future. The Nashville hockey team’s owner apparently plans to sell to a California businessman who wants to relocate the team to hockey capital Kansas City for less money. Torontoist has learned from exclusive sources that this is because Jim Balsillie didn’t give the Nashville owner a big hug upon meeting him.
Supreme Court rules that the tobacco advertising ban is entirely constitutional. Tobacco companies respond by pissing and moaning. Everybody else responds by rubbing finger and thumb together and informing tobacco companies that they are playing “Cry Me A River” on the world’s tiniest violin.
Nobody knows when Canada will get the iPhone. Once again, Torontoist would like to point out that it is a goddamned cellphone and that it will not do your laundry, cook your dinner or buy you a beer when that girl in accounting refuses to go out with you again.
William Hutt dead at 87. Exeunt, stage right. Torontoist’s take is here.
And the Blue Jays beat the Twins 5–4, aided by a two-run home run from Gregg Zaun, who, if you did not know, is the Devil incarnate in human form. (LOOK at him! It’s obvious!)
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