Touch Up Toronto




Touch Up Toronto

Okay, we fibbed. The image in yesterday’s Daily Photoist of an airship docked to the Canada Life building was totally fake, made in Photoshop by our own Marc Lostracco. (Every other bit of information in the post was true, we swear!)
Why? Well, our sister site across the pond, Londonist, has been running a regular feature called Touch Up London since last summer. Londonist asked their readers to create fake mock-ups of the city in their image editor of choice. Some shoved huge robot monsters into their downtown, some made motorcyclists jump over Tower Bridge, and some depicted rogue ferris wheels.
We’d love to wreak the same kind of havoc here, so we’re launching a new feature, Touch Up Toronto. If you’re up for the challenge, fire up your favourite image editor, play around, and send your manipulated photos of Toronto to We’ll feature ’em here, about once-a-week. (Maybe, after we have a solid amount of submissions, we’ll even hold a contest! With PRIZES!)
Here are the submission guidelines:

  • You don’t have to be all that awesome at editing images to get picked. Creativity wins over technical excellence any day.
  • Please credit the original photographer of a shot if you manipulate it. Better yet, get inspiration from Torontoist’s Flickr pool.
  • If possible, your shots should be 640 pixels wide (or larger!).

That’s it! Happy Photoshopping!