The Toilet Police, The Facebook Police, The Sidewalk Police, The Building Police
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The Toilet Police, The Facebook Police, The Sidewalk Police, The Building Police

First incandescent light bulbs, now toilets: at the recommendation of David Miller, the Ontario government will consider banning conventional toilets to promote low-flush toilets. Low-flushies use only 6 litres of water per flush, while regular toilets will use anywhere from 13-25 litres to flush. Not only would the ban save Toronto 26 million litres of water per day, it would eliminate the need for $60 million in water and sewage-treatment capacity. Here’s a ban everyone can feel good about, except Dave Barry.
Ontario Government Services Minister Gerry Phillips is such a buzzkill, man. The province banned government staff from using Facebook at work, along with YouTube, online poker and porn sites.
Councillor Adam Vaughan (Ward 20, Trinity-Spadina) is trying to figure out how to make nightclubs pay permits for taking up public sidewalk space with their lengthy lineups. “They use public facilities for marketing, for security and for queuing people so they can maximize their interior space and up their alcohol sales,” says Vaughan. “Well, I’m sorry. You can’t use the public space for private gain that way without the city getting its fair share, and also regulating it so it’s done in a responsible way.” Obviously, nightclub owners are pissed off.
When I told an inquisitive receptionist that I was an art history student at a dentist appointment earlier this month, she immediately asked me what I thought of the ROM Crystal. I honestly told her that I supported the idea of integrating modern architecture into older buildings that desperately require renovation. My response unleashed an epic rant from behind the counter about everything from the horrors of I.M. Pei’s addition to the Louvre to Transformation AGO. I told her that I politely disagreed, but if I had taken the time to really give her a piece of my mind, it might have sounded like Joey Slinger’s article, “It’s okay to think it’s ugly: No one says you have to love the ROM addition“.
Photo courtesy of Tundraboy.