Film Friday: This Column is Rated "Arr!"
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Film Friday: This Column is Rated “Arr!”

2007_05_11_Pirate.jpgThis week, the biggest news in movies is that Warner Bros. has decided to stop all advance promotional screenings of its films in Canada, in attempt to stem the flow of pirated movies from Canada. Yo ho ho! Unfortunately, they’ve likely decided that Canada is a hotbed of disgusting movie pirates on some pretty wonky data. Though apparently there’s no law against recording movies in a theatre onto a camcorder in Canada, which is kind of crazy.
The Toronto International Film Festival has selected its opening night gala, Fugitive Pieces. Launching the festival on September 6th, it’s based on the novel by Anne Michaels, and is written and directed by Jeremy Podeswa. But what’s it about? It’s the story of Jakob Beer (played by Stephen Dillane), whose life is haunted by his childhood experiences during the second World War, and how he comes to terms with them, through writing and finding love. So, that’s that.
In other local festival news, the Toronto Jewish Film Festival ends this weekend, plus there’s the Indie Can Film Festival and the Ryerson University Film Festival.
2007_05_11_Dread.jpgThough it’s not a Warner Bros. production, Liam Lacey at The Globe and Mail probably wouldn’t mind if they just stopped all screenings of Georgia Rule in Canada, simply because he hates it so much. It’s rare to see a zero star review, and in particular for a film that’s received middling reviews elsewhere, but he notes “a script…that seems to be little but a sequence of emotional non-sequiturs” that creates “a comic drama so confused in tone, the actors often seem to be acting in different movies.” Cary Elwes plays a paedophile, which we could never believe (The Dread Pirate Roberts? Never!), so we agree: zero stars.
Surprisingly positive reviews of 28 Weeks Later, however. The original was a horrible waste of film, but considering the Dawn of the Dead remake managed to take speedy zombies and actually do something with them, we suppose they thought it was worth having another try. Starring the always excellent Robert Carlyle, Eye’s Jason Anderson says, “It may all be too much for some viewers…but the film’s ferocity is damn impressive.
Also out this week: Waitress, described by the Star’s Geoff Pevere as “a kind of über-romantic comedy, a late-’70s Sally Field movie as interpreted by Jim Jarmusch in an especially feminine mood” (that sounds like something we’d want to see); Jindabyne, Delta Farce and The Ex, which we’d love to rate highly, featuring, as it does, the superb Jason Bateman, but it’s also got that bloody Zach Braff in it. Ick.
Oh, and finally, The Brunswick Theatre is showing The Toxic Avenger at 8 p.m. on Saturday night. It’s not as good as the later sequel, Citizen Toxie, but it’ll do. Mention Torontoist, and see the full double bill (it’s followed by Jungle Holocaust) for $10.