Audi Vandalizes Toronto Parks and Roadways
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Audi Vandalizes Toronto Parks and Roadways

By now, you’ve likely heard about some marketing brainiac‘s bright idea for an ad campaign, illegally erecting giant logos for a car company in our city’s ad-free public parks. There has been some discussion about whether or not to give this story further dissemination lest it draw even more attention to the manufacturer and confirm the adage that any publicity is good publicity, even if it’s negative.
But let’s mention them: it’s Audi. Audi deserves the negative publicity for this fiasco, and we insist that the City charge the company and its advertising agencies for fraudulently obtaining “permission” to rotate at least fifty signs in our parks and along roadsides. As for Audi, they deserve to have their name attached to what they did: Audi illegally commercialized our public parks.
Audi created the giant logos at a cost of $110,000. Audi illegally obtained a commercial filming permit from the City to flash if questioned, even though no filming was taking place and no compulsory notice was given to neighbourhood residents. Audi’s plan was to rotate the “sculptures” around 120 public sites, including the Don Valley Parkway, Gardiner, Lakeshore Boulevard, and highways 400 and 401. Audi wants the signs to show up next in other major cities around the country.
audivandalism_field.jpgAudi also carved a gigantic logo into a Bowmanville field directly under a flightpath which is cleary visible by air (and in later updates of Google Maps, they hope). Audi also has projected video onto a downtown building for this campaign.
Audi knowingly avoided the proper, lengthly permit process, which is to obtain permission through Council and the Parks and Recreation department. Audi pays the City of Toronto nothing for the alleged permission to place ads everywhere.
Worst of all, Audi is not the least bit contrite. Audi has not apologized for obtaining filming permits under obviously fraudulent pretenses, and wants us to believe it was only for the purpose of photographing and filming (their agency’s photos are used in this article). Audi intentionally skirted the system and must be formally charged for their vandalism of our city.
And did we mention it was Audi who intruded on our ad-free public parks?
The following entities are accountable: Lowe Roche, Founder: Geoffrey Roche; The Media Company/MBS, VP Group Account Director: Fiona McLaughlin; Audi Canada, Director of Communications: Doug Clark; SBC Media, President: Steve Jarrett; MAVERICK PR, President: Julie Rusciolelli.