So Pure, Such An Expression
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So Pure, Such An Expression

Alanis Morissette has done the impossible and turned the Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps” into a legitimately good song.
Sure, we may be the last people in the universe to write about this (the video was uploaded just yesterday, and it’s already been featured everywhere from Perez to Pitchfork), but we can’t get over how much better her rendition is. It’s still not the greatest song in the universe, but Morissette does an admirable job with what she has to work with. If you’re not won over, wait until 02:18 in when she starts talking about “startin’ drama.” Who knew that a song originally recorded on Hitler’s microphone could be so great?
The kitschy video is a great parody of Fergie’s original, and while it’s no “So Pure,” it definitely ranks as one of Alanis’s best (much better than, say, that video where she’s naked for no reason). The unnecessary slow-motion, the identically-dressed male extras, the makeshift set, and Alanis’s awkwardly sexual dancing all make for one hell of a contrast with her soulful rendition. As omg blog notes, “it’s all much more ironic than rain on your wedding day.” (We would like to take this opportunity to note, however, that calling a song “Ironic” when everything in it is not ironic is, in fact, ironic. Just sayin’.) The world knows once again what we have all along: Alanis Morrissette is a genius.