It's Environmental News Thursday Here On Torontoist!
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It’s Environmental News Thursday Here On Torontoist!

solarfarm.jpgFirst major solar farm project in Ontario approved. The 40-megawatt farm in Sarnia will generate .02 percent of Ontario’s energy needs, which is…well, a start, if nothing else. Now how about some investment in nanosolar technology, Ontario? And rocket-packs? Can we have environmentally friendly rocket-packs?
However, this good enviro-news is balanced out by Ontario environment commissioner Gord Miller issuing a special report on how budget cuts at provincial ministries are crippling efforts to protect the environment. Why does all enviromental news seem like it’s two steps forward, two steps back? (And then a giant cartoon cat appears and does a dance with Paula Abdul.)
Not to be outdone by any piddling provincial government, the Federal Tories prepare to unveil their new climate change plan. Which, apparently, promises to meet half of our original Kyoto targets a decade late. The idea is that we are supposed to be grateful they did anything.
Gerard Kennedy returns to Parkdale. As a candidate for federal MP, that is.
Peter Kormos does not like the new “edgy” Ontario environmental ad campaign. The campaign slogan is “Flick Off”, where the word “Flick” is written in all caps and made to look like the word “fuck.” Kormos, in his response, used the word “flick” as a fake-swear-word about forty times. Because he is edgy too! We have the edgiest government in the world, people!
Finally, Toronto FC loses its third game of the season. After three games, they are 0-3 and have scored zero goals. On the bright side, there is nowhere to go but up! (Alternately, if they keep losing and scoring zero goals, at least they will stay kind of even.)