Stephen Harper Loves The Troops, Sex Workers Dislike The Criminal Code, Lawyers Love Menu Foods
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Stephen Harper Loves The Troops, Sex Workers Dislike The Criminal Code, Lawyers Love Menu Foods

shortbreadharper.jpg Liberals furious over Stephen Harper’s suggestion that they care more about Taliban prisoners than Canadian troops. Stéphane Dion demanded an apology, which of course led Harper to then go to the “you don’t support the troops enough” well again. Torontoist would like to thank Stephen Harper for confirming, once and for all, that he is a major-league douchebag.
In other parliamentary news, Liberal MP Joe Comuzzi fired from caucus after he promises to vote for the budget. Since the vote is a confidence vote it’s standard practice to expel any member who votes against the party line. This marks the second time Comuzzi’s quit the Liberals in two years, considering he also quit the Grits over the same-sex marriage bill in 2005. This begs the question why they brought him back in the first place. Hell, he is in his seventies. Whatever happened to graceful forced political retirement? John Turner got his ass kicked out so hard he did a triple backflip, back in the day!
Toronto police are investigating death threats targeting Muslim moderates. The threats seemingly come from more conservative practitioners of Islam. Stephen Harper was quick to tell everyone that the Liberals love the death-threateners more than they do the troops.
Toronto sex workers launch constitutional challenge against portions of the criminal code relating to prostitution. If these sections of the code were struck down, prostitution could feasibly become organized and regulated. “Fred Smith,” director of Johns of Canada, responded to the challenge by issuing a statement saying that, as a lifelong customer of prostitutes, he would hate for “the solicitation experience to be anything other than very, very dirty.”
Toronto-area pet-food manufacturer gets hit with a class-action lawsuit for selling tainted pet food. The $60 million lawsuit is in response to Menu Foods’ continent-wide recall of their products after 14 pet deaths due to kidney failure from eating their tainted pet food.
Finally, the Raps clocked the Magic last night 92-85. Stephen Harper then accused the Liberals of loving the Orlando Magic more than the troops.
Original photo via CP and modified.