New Street Signs, We Need Streetcar Lines, Middle-Aged Woman Commits Crimes
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New Street Signs, We Need Streetcar Lines, Middle-Aged Woman Commits Crimes

Toronto city council has approved a new design for the city’s street-name signs. The city replaces roughly 2,000 to 2,500 signs each year anyway, so the new design will be phased-in gradually. Fortunately, it looks like this may not be as large a waste of taxpayer funds as one might expect.
Federal Court Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson ordered the release of Toronto terrorism suspect Mahmoud Jaballah. Jabllah was held for more than five years without being charged. Perhaps someone in the government can tell the people of Canada why, if he’s such a threat to this country, he has never been charged with a crime.
TTC Chair, Adam Giambrone, says yesterday’s $962-million transit announcement would be better spent on finishing the Sheppard line and building a light rapid transit system. Harper and McGuinty can smile and shake hands for the cameras all they want, it looks great in election season, but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t listen to the people who understand what the city really needs.
The city is looking at options for keeping the CN Tower ice-free during the winter. One reader’s suggestion? “I would slowly warm the Earth’s atmosphere over a number of years by burning fossil fuels. This will ensure ice will never exist on the CN Tower, or anywhere else for that matter.” That’s the spirit!
Police are searching for a 40 to 50-year-old woman accused of stealing $5,000 worth of gum. People get addicted to the weirdest products. Ever wonder why your mom keeps shaking? She probably just needs another hit of “the chew.”
The Leafs are back in contention for the playoffs after a 3-0 win over the Washington Capitals yesterday. Keep it up, fellas!
Photo by Trevor Haldenby from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.