Minority Government In Quebec, Property Tax Hike On The Way, and You Can Tie In Baseball?
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Minority Government In Quebec, Property Tax Hike On The Way, and You Can Tie In Baseball?

The Liberal Party narrowly wins a minority government in Quebec. The ADQ came in a very close second, and Mario Dumont will be the official opposition leader when the Quebec National Assembly reconvenes. Many voters expressed their dissatisfaction with Premier Jean Charest, expressing their desire for a premier who looks less like Gene Wilder circa See No Evil, Hear No Evil.
Toronto residents face a potential 3.8 percent property tax hike this year. City budget chief Shelley Carroll says the city has to make up budget shortfalls from the province not kicking in expected funds. I know most Toronto residents will be simply shocked that the province of Ontario might be delinquent in handing over expected funds to Toronto, but rest assured it is part of the longstanding “strangle the golden goose so it lays more eggs” theory that both the provincial and federal government have been following for the last fifteen years or so.
Toronto city council is on board for environmental action. However, they plainly state they reserve the right to change their minds the moment it becomes politically unpopular to take action! And people wonder why municipal politics fail to inspire.
Province requests OPP investigation of the ongoing lottery winnings scandal. Because they’re too inept and nepotistic to do it themselves—look, that’s their reason, not mine!
Bob Rae wins Liberal nomination for Toronto Centre. By this point, you may have guessed that other than the Quebec election, it’s a fairly slow news day.
Finally, in spring training action, the Blue Jays tied the Pittsburgh Pirates last night 2-2 and—wait, they tied? Baseball has mechanisms to allow ties? Seriously? I mean, the only way to actually tie a baseball game is for both teams to essentially get bored and go home. This is why spring training blows.