Film Friday: Go And See The Pusher Trilogy!
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Film Friday: Go And See The Pusher Trilogy!

Going to see all three films in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Pusher Trilogy, one after another in one night, is one of this Torontoist’s most treasured cinema memories, and although we did it at 2005’s Toronto International Film Festival, anyone who missed that chance can now do it at the Brunswick Theatre (296 Brunswick Avenue) tonight and tomorrow night starting 7 p.m. It’s $10 for one film or $15 for the lot, so obviously you should see all three.
Why? Because they’re amazing. Pusher, starring Kim Bodnia as small time drug dealer Frankie, progresses with a pounding intensity, and Pusher II: With Blood On My Hands features Mads Mikkelsen (recognizable from Casino Royale) as Frankie’s disgraced sidekick Tonny, in perhaps the role of his life. Pusher III: I’m The Angel Of Death might seem like a step backwards, arguably to be really more of a (very) black comedy than anything, but trust us; every single one is worth the price of admission. Go and see them!
2007_03_23_poor.jpgThey might be our absolute top tip of the week, but it was in the face of some incredibly strong opposition. Cinematheque Ontario (Jackman Hall, 317 Dundas West) has an amazing double bill tonight with Angels With Dirty Faces (6:30 p.m.) followed by Ken Loach’s Poor Cow at 8:45 p.m, and the Cinefranco Film Festival (given good overviews in both Now and Eye), has its opening gala on Friday night, with Le Génie Du Crime at 6:30 p.m. at the Royal Cinema (608 College) and the Canadian Filmmaker’s Festival continues, including the science fiction comedy Run Robot Run!, called “endlessly amusing” by Now’s Glenn Sumi, at 8:00 p.m.
Unarguably, Toronto film lovers are spoiled this week. It’s absurd! You can’t walk a foot without tripping over a cinema showing something noteworthy on Friday night! If you’re a total cheapskate or love Colin Farrell, for example, you could even go and see The New World (showing thanks to the CINSSU) at the Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex) at 8 p.m.
So let’s just say your Friday night is full, even though we’ve already missed loads of other things, but you might want to see something else later in the week.
2007_03_23_reign.jpgWhat could you see? Well, it shocks me to say this: if you’re a video gamer, and you can stomach what is obviously a very average “serious” Adam Sandler vehicle, you might want to see Reign Over Me. Why? Well, it features Shadows of the Colossus (an artistic and utterly wonderful PS2 game) in a small role as the game that Sandler plays while trying to forget his family died in 9/11 (I suppose Katamari Damacy wouldn’t be a good idea). None of the reviews have mentioned this, and it’s probably because it’s not (really) that important, but it’s interesting!
If that doesn’t float your pop-culture boat, there’s always the return of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in TMNT. Sadly, no Vanilla Ice in this one, and even worse…no Shredder! No Krang! Utterly pointless. “The exceptionally slick and striking action sequences will impress your inner 12-year-old”, says Eye’s Jason Anderson, but with the turtle boys cutting the evil Shredder slack, I find it hard to believe they’re the world’s most fearsome fighting team, frankly.
Moving on, if you’re cool but crude (or perhaps a party dude?) you might prefer Air Guitar Nation, though it doesn’t have “enough material here to justify the movie’s feature length” according to Anderson.
You could go and see Pride, The Last Mimzy, Sharkwater, or Amazing Grace, even, this week, but who are we kidding? You’re not going to want to watch any other films this week because you’re know that nothing will live up to the fantastic experience of seeing all three Pusher films back-to-back when you go tonight (or tomorrow night). Seriously!