Budget Arrives Today, Credit Cards Still Not Your Friend, And The Stars, They Is A-Dancing
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Budget Arrives Today, Credit Cards Still Not Your Friend, And The Stars, They Is A-Dancing

shaolindragonstyle.jpg The Conservative government is expected to announce their new budget today, emphasizing both tax cuts and new additional spending. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty wasn’t even particularly coy about the Conservatives’ budget being a major attempt to disincentivise (Torontoist thinks that’s a word) an election, claiming that Canadian families will like it and “vote for it.” He then double-dog-dared the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois to vote against the budget. He then triple-dog-dared them. When he got to quadruple-dog-dares, the reporters all got up and left.
Speaking of Jim Flaherty, he also said that Toronto might not get the transit investment it’s hoping for from Ottawa. Flaherty put on his best “aw shucks, I’m just a senior federal minister, what would I know about the largest city in Canada saying it needs money for additional transit investment” act, but come on, Jim Flaherty—if we wanted a Tory to act stupid, we’d go talk to Stockwell Day.
And speaking of the TTC, they’re looking for ways to reduce sickdays and absenteeism by their staff. This would save the TTC $20 million a year, for what TTC officials describe as “a moderate, yet tolerable, amount of evil.”
Did you know that some credit card issuers have changed their fee system? Surprisingly, the changes will cost you more money! Torontoist knows that you will be shocked, just shocked to learn that credit card issuers could possibly be usurious!
There isn’t really anything new to say yet about the Conrad Black trial, but Torontoist likes this headline in today’s Globe and Mail: “Lord Black’s fate hinges on charts and charm.” Well, if charm is a factor, they’d better keep Barbara Amiel well away from the stand! OH, SNAP!
Finally, the fourth season of Dancing With The Stars begins tonight. Yes, Joey Fatone is in it. Click on the link to discover vital statistics on each of the D-list celebrities dancing sub-par ballroom dances this year, including the “current recognition index” statistic that we think Vinay Menon pulled out of his ass. Can the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus, Ian Ziering and Muhammad Ali’s daughter reach the galactic heights of last season’s Mario Lopez versus Emmitt Smith finale? Only time will tell!
Image via canada.com. Well, originally, anyway.