Imagine This Room Filled With 250 People Making Out




Imagine This Room Filled With 250 People Making Out

2007_02_27makeout2.jpgNow that we have your attention, let us explain.
Toronto filmmaker/photographer Ryan Hughes launches his newest project Makeout! this Saturday, March 3, at the Ryerson University Business Building at the corner of Bay and Dundas Street West.
Makeout! is both an event and a film. 125 couples will fill up the room to your left and “lock lips for the camera in what will be one of the largest displays of affection this city has ever seen,” while Hughes and his crew film everything.
“It’s not strictly a film, which is how I wanted to go about this project,” says Hughes. “It’s a mass-participatory art event…something that everyone can experience, contribute to, and be engaged by.”
When people hear about Makeout!, “I either get really excited and enthusiastic responses, or a WTF look,” he says.
The finished project—a short film—will be submitted to festivals and may have a few gallery showings.
For those interested, head to for more information or to sign up.