Windows In Ice, Tories And Liberals Don't Play Nice, And Goodbye To A Horsie
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Windows In Ice, Tories And Liberals Don’t Play Nice, And Goodbye To A Horsie

Microsoft put up an ice house in Dundas Square yesterday to promote the launch of Windows Vista. WARNING: Only click through to the article if you have never read a “tee hee I don’t know shit about computers but I sure like to play Minesweeper, does Windows Vista have Minesweeper on it?” type of article and are interested in a fresh experience, complete with – yes – a reference to HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Because when I think timely and topical allegories, I think of a movie from 1968. What, was referring to Deep Blue too edgy or something?
Tories and Grits yell at each other a lot about the environment in Parliament. Sadly, the debate never really rose above “you’re a poopyhead!” “No, you’re a poopyhead!”, although for amusement value I highly recommend taking a glance at Environment minister John Baird’s crazy-face.
Montreal researchers find link to potential breast cancer treatment. The researchers discovered that mice lacking a certain enzyme show resistance to the development of breast cancer tumours. IN YOUR FACE, PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS! IN YOUR FACE!
Two characters in “Days Of Our Lives” will come to Toronto this week, where they will be accosted by derelicts and hoodlums. (No, on the show this happens.) Spokesperson for NBC: ‘I’m sure that there are really lovely parts of Toronto.” Spokesperson for Torontoist: “The network that airs Deal Or No Deal has no right to condescend to us. Also, you cancelled Joey and I am still upset about that.”
Hollywood sez that Canada is becoming the world capital of pirated movies. Movie industry threatens to delay film premieres and distribution of first-run blockbusters in Canada if something is not done. The Canadian film industry, which has been wanting the government to basically make that the law for decades, didn’t say anything but instead kind of shuffled to the door sideways then ran outside to buy lots of blank DVDs to send to the pirates as gifts.
And finally, yesterday, a horse died.
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