Snow Falls Lots, Dreamgirls Wins Lots, and YOU WILL RESPECT SCARBOROUGH!
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Snow Falls Lots, Dreamgirls Wins Lots, and YOU WILL RESPECT SCARBOROUGH!

Torontonians were once again woefully unprepared for the first major snowfall of the season. 500 traffic accidents in one day, people. Do we really want everybody else making fun of us again, like that time Mel Lastman called in the Army to help out after a snowfall? It’s winter. It comes every year. Just because we’ve had a freakishly warm winter thus far is no excuse for complacency!
At the Golden Globes, Dreamgirls becomes an early Oscar favorite. The musical got the Best Picture (Comedy/Musical) award, plus globish acting nods for Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy. Martin Scorsese also got a Globe for Best Director for The Departed, which will no doubt make it all the more tragic when he loses the directing Oscar to somebody else because Martin Scorsese can never win an Academy Award. In other Globe news, Sacha Baron Cohen won an acting Globe for Borat. Excuse me, sorry, that last sentence should have read “fucking Sacha Baron Cohen won a fucking Globe for fucking Borat. Can you believe that shit?”
Stephen Harper plans to deal with the “fiscal imbalance” in the next budget. This would be the first real opportunity for the opposition parties to vote non-confidence in the Tory government. No news yet on whether Harper will make sure that Quebec’s fiscal imbalance is pointedly fixed “more betterish” to secure the votes of the Bloc Quebecois.
Pearson International Airport wants to lease a parking lot to developers who will turn it into a hotel and conference centre and suchlike. This is being done in an effort to reduce landing fees, which some have argued are extremely high. But what about the children (or at least, the ones who have to park)? Has anybody thought of the children?
Finally, Scarborough wants some respect, dammit. Torontoist would like to thank Councillor Norm Kelly for saving it the trouble of writing a punchline.
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