Saddam Hangs and Bangkok Bangs: Happy New Year News!
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Saddam Hangs and Bangkok Bangs: Happy New Year News!

NY19812300333-big.jpgSaddam Hussein was executed by hanging on Friday, and video of the execution popped up on the internet by Sunday. The CBC link doesn’t have the video, because they’re a news organization, and as such not in the business of providing snuff films. If you want to see it, go to Fox or CNN, who both have it. No, no links. Torontoist is likewise not in the business of providing snuff films.
Canada’s chief of defense staff says we’re completely committed in Afghanistan and can’t do anything elsewhere, like for example the Sudan. In response, Stephen Harper pointed out that a whole lot of houses have gotten painted in Afghanistan, and that’s a very good thing.
New Year’s celebrations mostly went off without a hitch – except in Thailand. There were two bombings in Bangkok late Sunday (Bangkok time – Toronto time this would have been early Sunday afternoon). Two dead, over thirty injured. No information yet as to who’s responsible for the bombings. The early answer is “probably nobody nice.” In local celebrations, no bombings, but Nathan Philips Square got an estimated 40,000 people for its annual New Year’s party.
Some assholes stole a bronze statue of a Ukrainian poet from a park in Oakville, presumably for the value of the scrap metal. Dear assholes: Torontoist hopes somebody kicks you in the nuts repeatedly. With a spiky boot and everything. Seriously, there is crime and then there is just being a total waste of human flesh, you know?
To karmically counterbalance the statue-stealing dickheads, however, Muslim volunteers celebrating Eid Al-Adha gave away a whole lot of food yesterday at Queen and Sherbourne. So that’s good.
And finally, an unnamed woman drove a car through the security fence of Stephen Harper’s country home on Lake Mousseau. My early money is on a viciously pissed-off Garth Turner in drag!
Image via AP.