Pickton's On Trial, York Tutoring On Trial, Gang Robs Flea Market, Horses To Battle Bears
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Pickton’s On Trial, York Tutoring On Trial, Gang Robs Flea Market, Horses To Battle Bears

top-pickton4083516.jpgRobert William Pickton’s murder trial begins today. Now, Torontoist believes firmly in every man’s right to be deemed inoocent before proven guilty and hopes Pickton gets a fair and impartial trial. That having been said…doesn’t the guy look like a serial killer? If you were casting a movie and had a role named “Mangy Serial Killer,” would this guy not instantly get a callback after his audition based on looks alone?
The Tories have announced their new energy efficiency plan. Liberals respond by saying “oh, come on, those are totally just our old programs that you cut and then you realized people really wanted them.” NDP responds by saying “…someday we’ll have old programs that other parties will cut… someday…”
York Region’s new pay-for-tutoring program is extremely controversial. The school board’s program is cheaper than private tutoring alternatives, but critics say it’s creating a two-tier public system. Torontoist hates to be all old-fogey about this, but some of us are really old and went through school without ever needing a tutoring program – or standardized testing for that matter – and we turned out just fine. We know this because our moms tell us how awesome we are!
Brampton flea market shut down after an armed gang robbed a jewelry booth Sunday. The markets’ used-book dealers took the rare opportunity to be smug towards their victimized brethren, claiming “nobody steals books from you at gunpoint.”
And finally, this year’s Superbowl will be the Indianapolis Colts vs. the Chicago Bears.
Image via the CBC.