iPhone is Here, Khan's Report Isn't, and Don't Flush Your Floss!
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iPhone is Here, Khan’s Report Isn’t, and Don’t Flush Your Floss!

Apple unveils the iPhone. Entire bunches of interwebs go nuts over possibilities created by what is, when you get right down to it, just another fancy cellphone. Seriously, this isn’t the iPod. This isn’t a new class of product. This is at best a slight improvement on existing things to which we already had access. The iPhone will not do your hair, manage your diet or make you generally sexier. (Okay, it might make you sexier to technology fetishists.)
Opposition MPs criticize the Tories for refusing to release Wajid Khan’s report on the Middle East. Khan promised that the report would be open to all, but Stephen Harper says that releasing the report would make Khan a pundit as opposed to a foreign policy adviser. When asked about his campaign pledge of a transparent and open government, Harper replied “well, I think the only thing to say to that is that I – OH MY GOD IT’S A MOOSE” and then ran away when everybody turned to look for the moose.
Lynn Johnston isn’t going to retire and stop For Better Or For Worse. Instead, she’s just going to stop aging the family in real-time, thus removing the gimmick which made the strip unique, and steadily killing off everybody’s interest in it that way. Devious, Lynn Johnston! Devious!
Commission finds that the final outbreaks of SARS were not preventable, but more could have been done to protect health care workers. The report notes a number of systemic flaws in Ontario’s healthcare structure, but also pointed out that Vancouver was simply luckier than Toronto in a number of respects. Damn lucky left-coast hippies!
Don’t flush your dental floss! Because it is clogging up Toronto’s waste-water treatment plants and pumping stations! (Seriously, this story is that rarity: it is both a public service story and inexplicably hilarious.)
In sports news, the Hurricanes smacked the Leafs last night.
And finally, if anybody wanted to perhaps nominate Torontoist in the 2007 Bloggies, we’d be ever so grateful. We would even buy everybody punch and pie. (Disclaimer: Punch and pie offer good only until December 7th, 2005.)
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